Planetary Shifts 13 Piece Fabric Wall Sticker Set

Our Planetary Shifts wall sticker set contains seven hexagon and six obtuse triangle nature themed wall stickers. They can be used as in our examples or however you like. They are super fun to play and experiment with. They can be applied, removed and reapplied at will. 

This set contains: 

Hexagons: Typhoon, Splash!, Woodpile, Happy Pine, A Flock of Snow Geese, Clover Patch, Sunrise Reflections

Obtuse Triangles: Fern Flips, Quartz Portal, Amethyst Flips, Moon Glow, Aster Reflections, Japanese Maple

Note: substitutions are permitted--just let us know what change(s) you would like when ordering.


  • Mini--(7) 8" x 6.9"  hexagons, (6) 6.9" x 2" obtuse triangles
  • Small--(7) 12" x 10.4" hexagons, (6) 10.4" x 3" obtuse triangles
  • Medium--(7) 16" x 13.9" hexagons, (6) 13.9" x 4" obtuse triangles
  • Large--(7) 22" x 19" hexagons, (6) 19" x 5.6" obtuse triangles
  • Extra Large--(7) 30" x 26" hexagons, (6) 26" x 7.5" obtuse triangles

Conspicuous Design premium wall stickers are made with an amazing, superfine, self-adhesive fabric. Durable and easy to apply, they're suitable for smooth to semi-smooth surfaces and can be removed, re-positioned and reused. Interactive art for your walls!


  • Made to order in our Portland, OR studio
  • Easy to apply and will not rip, wrinkle, curl or stretch
  • Smooth, matte fabric base with exceptional water resistance
  • Excellent image quality with rich colors and fine detail
  • BPA and PVC free

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