Growing Deeper Women's All-Over Printed T-Shirt

This all-over printed t-shirt features our Growing Deeper design and is made with high-quality, 100% spun polyester. The design is printed on both sides of the shirt and is created by a process called dye sublimation wherein dye particles are converted into gas and bond to the polyester fibers. Unlike screen printing, the dye is absorbed by the fabric for a fantastic, soft-to-the-hand feel.
  • American Apparel
  • Made in America, sweatshop free
  • 100% Polyester Jersey construction
Please note: Small blurs and creasing near edges, seams and collars of garment may be present. When printing flat artwork onto a constructed garment, imperfections can occur, particularly under the arm. Typically these are minor and the awesomeness of the shirt itself is what draws the attention.

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