About Us

Soft mood lighting, check. Gentle music starts...now, and 3,2,1...Our narrator, with a voice not unlike that of the late, great Leonard Nimoy begins:

Who is Conspicuous Design, you ask?

We're an art, design, print and production studio located in Portland, Oregon. In short, we’re a group of friendly, relentlessly creative people motivated to make great things. We see art as an essential element in humanity's trek through time and believe in its ability to positively affect change. We’re passionate about designing products that will brighten your life, add a touch of wonder and inspire creative living.

Our small but dedicated team is comprised of Justin, Mary, William, and Jonah.



Justin Potts

Justin is our resident spaceman, multidisciplinary artist and designer. He likes making things. A lot. He is self-taught with an approach predicated on improvisation. Aside from his visual art and design obsessions, Justin enjoys playing and recording music, singing, writing words and occasionally performing stand-up comedy, to the sound of cricket-groans, which had not previously been known to science, so that's something!

Mary Potts

Mary is a mixed-media artist, photographer, writer, editor and a longtime collaborator with Justin. She brings a wealth of experience, problem solving prowess, brilliant product photography and a glowing personality to the team. You can expect to see her fine work on the site in the near future.

William Ifrah

William, our co-founder is a facilitator with a diverse skill set. An excellent, creative problem-solver, he approaches everything with an open and free-associative mind. He brings an IT toolkit and a much-appreciated business savvy to the company. 


Jonah Potts

Jonah grew up in the Potts household and practically lived in the studio as a child. Whether through osmosis or genes, he has an advanced aesthetic awareness, is a nimble content editor and a fun guy to have around. He's also relaxed under pressure. In the image above you can see him calming a wild grizzly with "bear whispering".

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